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Monday, April 28, 2008

Lots of progress, but what about 'green' attitudes?

It's nice to be called 'one in a lakh', isn't it? That too repeatedly. That's how the local greengrocer welcomes us, and our shopping bag, on our visits to his rustic, well-stocked outlet. It's two years now since we began frequenting this friendly neighbourhood grocer for weekly supplies.
In all this while, we have noted several changes in these still rural precincts.
- The narrow highway became a well-laid four-lane runway including median and new road lights,
- Two-wheeler riders switched to cars, and small car users switched to SUVs and plush sedans,
- Newer showrooms displayed gadgets, trendy clothes and fancy stuff
- the local ISP grew from 1 customer to several hundred
- the sabziwala added a fresh juice counter for the benefit of thirsty highway traffic.
But the grocer continues to give away plastic carry bags to his 'valued' customers. He's actually forced to spend Rs 3000 on gifting garbage every month, all because the Kings and Queens (remember Customer is King) can't be bothered to bring their own shopping bag. And neither can they trouble themselves to sort vegetables for the refrigerator, so the grocer may please pack them in as many bags.
And that's why I prefer this grocer: to be addressed as 'one in a lakh', once every week.
We tried to tell him that he could announce an incentive for his regulars who 'carried their own bags', but he's wary of losing his well-built base to an upstart competitor.
The Coimbatore Corporation now fines plastic bag users and sellers alike. A small beginning!

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Blogger Indrani said...

Welcome to Mysore Blog Park!

02 May, 2008  
Blogger Karthik Narayan said...

yes i read in the TOI that coimbatore municipality is the first civic body in the country to do this... nice ta hear that :)

oops and there goes a quiz question i was reserving on tamil nadu :)

02 May, 2008  

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