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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Goodbye, Adsense

Today I bid a no-regrets farewell to my Adsense account. No, I didn’t check the balance. In my work with Google Adwords, I come across that company's oft-changing policies that leave account holders at loose ends.
After hearing and reading (first-hand and reported) Adsense horror stories, and experiencing Adwords’ whims and fancies, I took the decision to un-clutter the sidebar in this page. Sour grapes? So be it. I have doctor's advice to stay away from them!
For some light read: 10 reasons for hating Google Adsense
I wish to be fair though. There must be success stories too – here they are



Anonymous Tom said...

I agree, that's why I highly recommend Chitika. No sour grapes! Check out this Chitika review for more info.

04 July, 2008  

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