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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Coimbatore Corporation's efforts

At last a city corporation has managed to initiate a real effort at waste segregation. Two different coloured bins are being given to residents with indications as to what should go where. (Sadly in the advice, batteries are included in the general non-biodegradable category that will go to landfills - a third category for electronic toxic waste was preferrable - but let's be optimistic).

Just give a thought to the kind of waste that we members of educated urban households generate, and for which we are therefore totally responsible. It does not take much effort to segregate the 'wet' waste from the 'dry' waste; and we could go a long way in reducing the volume of garbage several fold...yes, several fold.

Next we need concerted efforts at large-scale recycling.
[Whatever happened to the 'zapping of plastics'?]

Again at household level, we could put away used envelopes, grocery wrappers, used toiletry and cosmetic containers, along with old newspapers for door-to-door collection, provided they are delivered to a good recycling agency.



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