Of "Jellicut" aka "Pulikulam" & "Palingu" & the entire imbroglio

Some amazing facts here - From Jellicut to jallikattu 
"It is only the Jellicut (identified as Pulikulam) that has been described scientifically (between 1870 and 1930) as a “small bull specially bred for bull-fighting/taming in the Tamil region“, according to the Roslin Institute of the University of Edinburgh."
i read the piece with great interest. Scientific management is one logical route to protecting native breeds and all of the so-called IP, though i prefer to term it knowledge base instead. One experiences mixed feelings on learning that a few other countries have recognised the unique traits of native Indian breeds, and taken efforts at tapping the preferred qualities for better results; beginning with the fact that “American Brahman” is “the first beef cattle breed developed in the US”.
Here are a few questions that occurred to me as a layperson, following the dismaying developments of the past few days
1. Are there clear indications about the A2 milk Vs A1 milk? In Delhi, i have seen sachets marked as ‘A2 milk’ being marketed.
2. If a NZ-based company can file for patents based on ‘A2’, why have Indian companies not seized the initiative?
3. Do humans need to produce and consume such enormous amounts of milk and other dairy products at all?
4. Why won’t youth get together to protest the plastic and polythene that is discarded all over, and which our cattle ingest routinely?

The author has rightly highlighted the importance of scientific management for protection of native breeds and indeed for the preservation of the immense traditional knowledge base. This is important in view of the challenges posed by climate change and the known resilience of native flora and fauna. A holistic approach is necessary to address all the issues. 
Also, while a seemingly unbiased youth-led movement is largely good for society, we must watch out for attempts to mislead, and attempts at diverting the focus away from genuine societal concerns. For this, we need articulate public figures who can talk to the youth in the jargon which they can listen to, understand and come up with well-considered responses. 
i’d just like to insert a couple of words in the concluding statement: “Only science sans human greed can ensure commercial viability and enduring pride in our native breeds”.
Perhaps it won’t be long before the phrase post-truth gets associated with the jallikattu imbroglio currently panning out in TN.
No public figure has found the initiative to speak in a language that the youth would understand, and it’s a tragedy that none among the youth is able to articulate at all.
What we see in the Parliament, assemblies, news rooms ... is what we see on the roads too. More of emotions and instant opinions, and no intelligent discussion or informed debates. 

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