Downsides of Tourism, Progress and Development-1 - "Water, Water Everywhere....?"

Truly bemused.
At the multiple versions of progress and development in my country.
We 'progressed' from a smaller car to a small car about 10 years ago, that takes us conveniently on short road-trips to simple destinations, for down-to-earth purposes.

Roads, cars, water
Earlier this week, we traveled to Rameswaram and Dhanushkodi to take in sights of the bluest expanse of seas, temples tiny and huge, holy theerthams, cyclone-ravaged ruins, and awesome achievements in infrastructure.
Salt in the making
 A modified salt-making process could provide potable water, surely?
Ruins at Dhanushkodi

Azure seas - sight for city-sore eyes, but livelihood for fisherfolk 

For faster and smoother progress
But with the senses long awakened to the rather obvious 'downsides' of tourism, we have returned with less solace (not that we went seeking any).
Women and girls with water pots in their hand and heads are a familiar sight all over arid regions in India, for a long time now, Independence notwithstanding.
Pan to Dec 2013. Here are impressions from the route to Rameswaram along the East Coast Road.
Is she asking me: What's new you think, lady?

A few potfuls. While we are guilty of 'enjoying' whole tankfuls...

"Yes, our business is prospering"

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