On 'phone-o-grams'

I continue to prefer phone-o-grams (telegrams booked and conveyed over the telephone from the sender's end) for conveying sentiments on special / unusual occasions, and find the public-sector Indian telephones' related services great for the purpose. You can probably see it as a connection to older, better worlds, apart from being a convenience at effort-saving...
(Phone-o-gram - not to be confused with existing definitions of phonogram)
In case you wish to use those services - here are the details:

1. MTNL (Delhi, Mumbai) - Call 1584 / 1585, respond to the IVRS. On call-back, state the addressee's details and your message in Hindi or in English, and you're done.

2. BSNL (rest of India) - Call 1585, respond to the IVRS. On call-back, state the address details and your message, and you're done.

You could personalize the messages, of course. I prefer to avoid the phonetics, though, and choose the appropriate message number from the list of standard phrases - appended below. I just sent out No 16 for a dear cousin's wedding, on behalf of an elder in the house.

1 Heartiest Diwali Greetings
2 Id Mubarak
3 Heartiest Bijoya Greetings
4 A Happy New Year to You
5 Many Happy Returns of the Day
6 Hearty congratulations on the new arrival
7 Congratulations on the Distinction Conferred on you
8 Best Wishes for a long and Happy Married Life
9 A Merry Christmas to you
10 Congratulations on your Success in the Examination
11 Best Wishes for a Safe and Pleasant Journey
12 Hearty Congratulations on Success in Election
13 Many thanks for your Good Wishes I/we Reciprocate Most Heartily
13(a) Heartiest Greetings on the occasion of Chatrapati Maharaja Shri Agrasen Jayanti
13(b) I Pray at the feet of Maharaja Shri Agrasen for the success of programme organised
14 Congratulations
15 Loving Greetings
16 May Heaven's Choicest Blessings be showered on the Young Couple
17 Wish you Both a Happy and prosperous wedded life
18 Kind Remembrances and all good wishes for the Independence Day
19 Sincere Greetings for the Republic Day Long live the Republic
20 Heartiest Holi Greetings
21 Wishing the Function Every Success
22 Many thanks for your kind message of Greetings
23 Best Wishes for your Success in the Examination
24 Best Wishes for your Success in the Election
25 Blessings to the Newly Married Couple
26 Heartiest Pongal Greetings
27 Heartiest Gur Parb Greetings
28 Greetings on the Occasion of Paryushan a day of universal forgiveness
29 Heartiest Onam Greeting
30 Best Wishes on your Weeding Aniversary
31 Wish you a Happy Retired life
32 Wish you a Speedy Recovery
33 Heartiest Ugadi Greetings
34 Congratulations on your Victory
35 Wish you a Happy Bihu
36 A Happy Easter
37 Heartiest Greetings on Buddha Jayanthi
38 Heartiest Congratulations on Graha Pravesh
39 Heartiest Guru Ravidas Prunima Greetings
40 Heartiest Greetings on Navroz
41 Heartiest Greetings on the Occasion of Jhulelal Jayanti
42 Heartiest Greetings on the occasion of Makara Sankaranthi
44(a) Happy Varsh Pratipada(Hindu Nav Varsh)
44(b) Happy Gudi Padwa (Hindu Nav Varsh)
100 Our Deepest Condolence
I remember once bemusedly looking at the only entry in the printed telegram when I happened to be at the receiving end - '5'. Laziness (read Effort-saving) can tele-propagate, apparently. I fervently hope my uncle does not have to decipher 'सोलह' when the postman comes visiting later today...

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