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Friday, August 06, 2010

Commemorating the 6th of August

It's now six decades and a half since Hiroshima-Nagasaki. It appears that this person is the only surviving member of the 12-member crew on Enola Gay that brought hell on Earth.
Apparently he has no regrets over what he did - "I've never found a way to fight a war without killing people. If you ever find that out, let me know."

No, I did not consider that interview worth my time.

Sincerely do not wish to sound cynical - to me it appears a typical US mind-set. In 1945, becoming a war hero at the age of 24, he may not have heard of MK Gandhi - the simply-clad son of the soil somewhere in the third world - actively trying to fight just that kind of 'war', ...
Surely he's wiser now? Apparently not. Only older. Someone should let him know.

As GVK put it, "Astonishing. His is an acute case of conscience-deficit disorder."

74 nations participated at a memorial event in Hiroshima.
"Hiroshima was careful to ensure that the memorial — while honoring the 140,000 who died on or soon after the attack on Aug. 6, 1945 — emphasized a look-forward approach, focusing not on whether the bombing was justified, a point which many Japanese dispute, but on averting a future nuclear attack."
That was an extract from this report on the event, that has plenty of its readers supporting that final action on 200,000 civilians that ended WWII.

Japan seems to have learnt its lessons from history, and has abstained from poking the nose in other regions in all these years. The world will have to wait much much longer before its neighbour across the Pacific keeps beak and claws to itself instead of thrusting them half way around the world and beyond...

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Blogger Indrani said...

Sheer arrogance. I went through the link, quite depressing and disheartening.

06 August, 2010  
Blogger lipi said...

My indignation at the heinous act is spent. I have also become immune to the heartlessness exhibited by the so called world leader (US - just for the records).

As we entered August, I eagerly awaited witnessing some Augustness to be exhibited by a person / nation / ...

Once it dawned on me that August 6th was year marker for the only Atomic Bomb dropped on humanity, I have eradicated my expectations.

When you retaliate for a crime with another crime of competing demerits, what is the difference between the perpetrator and the retaliator?

It is a shame to see the (most of the) rest of mankind acting like as though no counter-crime had been committed.

07 August, 2010  
Blogger Thomas C B Chua said...

The more you sweat for peace , the less you bleed at war. There is no winner in war but all losers !!

11 August, 2010  

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