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Monday, August 10, 2009

Are you Krishna conscious?

It's Krishna Jayanthi later this week. Here's a quiz (prepared for a local event) on the Lord and His doings. Hope you feel blessed enough to take the very simple challenge. :)
1. To whose ashram did Krishna and Balarama go for their education?
2. What is the name of Balarama's mother?
3. What is the Gurudakshina that their Guru wished from Krishna and Balarama?
4. Name Krishna's Conch.
5. Name the brothers who naughty Krishna released when He dragged the mortar to which Yasodha had tied Him. Whose sons were they?
6. Krishna had 16008 wives. Name at least four of them.
7. To whom did Sukha narrate the Bhagavatam?
8. Who was Krishna's BPL childhood friend - both his aliases, please?
9. What is the other name for Deepavali?
10. Krishna's favourite food items - name at least two.
11. The theme of India's biggest and oldest insurance company is a phrase from the Bhagavad Gita - which company? What is the phrase?
12. How many slokas altogether feature in the 18 chapters of the Gita?
13. Suppose you were to ready a set of clothing and accessories for the Lord, what would you include?
14. Name at least 5 demons that Krishna killed.
15. In how many days did Krishna and Balarama complete their education under their Guru?
16. In South Indian homes, there is a particular way in which the entry of Lord Krishna (as a child) is marked on the evening of Gokulashtami - What is it?
17. What is the name of the hunter who mistakenly sent an arrow that ended the Krishna Avatar?
18. Whose curse caused the death of Krishna and His clan?
19. The hunter who shot Krishna inadvertently was a well-known character in his previous birth. Who?
20. Who resided on the flag of the chariot that carried Arjuna to war?
21. Name Krishna’s son who abducted the daughter of a Kaurava prince.
22. Name Krishna’s garland.

Look forward to seeing your answers as part of your comments. Amendments, corrections, clarifications are very welcome!
Image courtesy: ISKCON
Your responses are welcome over the next 4 days. The comments and the answers will be published on Friday 14 Aug at 6 pm.
Update -4 responses (with answers) thus far

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Blogger Karthik Narayan said...

1. sandeepani
3. to get his son back from the demon panchajana. This is how Krishna got his panchajanya.
4. Offshoot of previous question - Panchajanya
6. Rukmini, Satyabama, jambavati and
7. Janamejaya
8. Kuchelan ruined in tamil as kuselan
9. Narakasura-samhara
10. too much!! Butter, kai kuthu avil
11. Yogashemam Vahamyaham - LIC
12. 1008
13. Flute, yellow colour, mayil peeli
14. kamsa, Chanura,
15. This number should not be discussed in public.
16. footprints made with rice paste. Should be done with butter actually but practicality prevents that.
17. Jara
18. Ghandhari and later Sage Durvasa. So not sure which answer you are looking for.
19. Vaali
20. Hanuman
21. Which son - Aniruddh was one of the many sons.

Nice quiz, but some questions are more of... NRI types :)

10 August, 2009  
Blogger venu said...

wonderful quiz my score is 15

10 August, 2009  

A beautiful quiz. It was good to refresh my memory, and to look up some other answers - thyus getting a chance to enjoy Krishna again.

1. Sandipani
2. Rohini
3. He wanted them to restore his dead son to him.
4. Panchajanya
5. Kuber and Nal. Kubera.
6.Rukmini, Sathyabhama, Jambhavi,
7. Parikshit
8. Kuchela, Sudhama
10. Aval/poha, butter
12. 700
13. Peethambaram
14. Boothanai, , Trinavarta, Aghasura, Kesi, Kamsa

16. The mark of Baby Krishna’s little toddling feet drawn with ‘kolam’ , with wet rice paste.
17. Jara
19. Vali.
20. Hanuman
21. Samba
22. Vyjayanthimala, tulsi

10 August, 2009  
Blogger sfauthor said...

Nice posting. Do you know about this edition of the Gita?


11 August, 2009  
Blogger Swarna said...

venu, sfauthor - thanks for your responses.
Thanks also to others who have responded with answers. Keep 'em coming!
A friend writes - "Im amazed at how little Krisna consiousness i have. I could answer only one .... So looking forward to your answers so I can lift that veil a bit"
Another writes - "Krishna is an avatar ... Why do you want me to remember minute details of this epic story...? I am an atheist, that's why I am finding it difficult to give more
importance to characters in a story rather than the greatness of the story itself."

11 August, 2009  
Blogger Kannamma said...

An ardent devotee of Lord Krishna, I realised, when questioned, it was not an easy job.
My answers:
1. Santheepani
2. Rohini
4. Panchajanyam
5. Nala and kubura - sons of kubera
6. Rukmani, Sathyabama, Jambavi, Kalindhi
7. King Parikshit
8. Sudhama, kuchela
9. Naraka Chaturdasi
10. Butter, appam palpayasam
11. LIC - Yogakshemam vahamyaham
12. 713
13. Pitambaram, tulasimala, flute, headband, peacock feather
14. Puthana, Agasuran, kesi, dhenukan, pralambasuran
16. Impressions of Krisha's feet with rice batter
19. Vali
21. Abhimanyu
22. Vanamala

Thanks Swarna for the effort.

11 August, 2009  

I think you have done a wonderful thing, refreshing my mind and letting it recollect all the stories of that little and lovable Krishna. I have posted my answers separately.

11 August, 2009  
Blogger SandyCarlson said...

I enjoyed reading this and realizing how much there is to know.

12 August, 2009  
Blogger A V Padma said...

1.sage Sandheepani's gurukulam
2.Rohini. 3.Restoration of his son's life
5Yaamala and Arjuna. they are sons of Kubera, thei names being Nala and Kubaa.
6.Bama, rukmini and Radha
7. King Parikshith
8Sudhama alias kuchelar.
9Naraka chathurdasi
10. Butter, milk and curd
Insurance company-"Yoga kshemam vahaamyaham"
12. 700 slokas. 13.Peacock feather, flute , crown, Pithambaram -Veshti and angavasthram, Thulasi malai,other Haarams , ornamentskankanam, keyuram, kundaalam
14. Puthanai, Thrunavarthan, Dhenukasuran, Shakataasuran, Vathsaasuran
15. pass.
16.The foot prints of Sri Krushna entering one's house' Both the feet in a kolam, then first right foot forward, and then left foot forward.. that way alternately until the altar.
very small feet of a new born babe
17, 18 , 19, 21 pass.
20 anjaneya.
22. Vaijayanthi mala

14 August, 2009  
Blogger Freehit said...

Happy Krishna Jayanthi! Great quiz. Although, I only got 3 out of 22 right. Waiting for the answers.

I recently bought Rajaji's Mahabharatha. Maybe I should have attempted this quiz after reading it.

14 August, 2009  
Blogger Swarna said...

Here are the answers sourced from Bala Bhagavatham by Swami Chinmayananda
Karthik, Raji, Kannamma and AV Padma had each got quite a few right.
1. Guru Sandeepani
2. Rohini, another wife of Vasudeva
3. He requested them to restore his son to life (son had drowned)
4. PAnchajanyam
5. Nalakubera and Manigreeva - sons of Kubera
6. Rukmini was Krishna’s chief queen. His seven other main queens were Satyabhama, Jambavati, Kalindi, Mitravinda, Satya, Bhadra and Lakshamana.
7. King Pareekshit
8. Sudhama @ Kuchela
9. Naraka Chaturdasi
10. Butter, curds, aval
11. LIC - Yogakshemam vahamyaham (Ch 9:22)
12. 700
13. Pitambaram, garland of flowers, flute, headband, peacock feather
14. Narakasura, Poothana, Trinavarta, Aghasura, Dhenukasura, Kamsa, Mura, Vrikasura, Bakasura...
(Kaliya the serpent was not killed, he was told to go away from the river Yamuna)
15. Krishna and Balarama learnt 64 arts and crafts, and all else that their Guru could teach them in as many (64) days.
16. Small pairs of feet are drawn using rice powder or paste from the front door to the place of puja
17. Jara
18. Gandhari, and Sage Durvasa
19. Vali, brother of Sugreeva
20. Hanuman
21. Samba (abducted Duryodhana's daughter)
22. Vaijayantimala

Grateful to all of you,
that I learnt a lot too.

14 August, 2009  
Blogger Priya S. said...

Sorry I got to this late. Thanks for the refresher course, I realized I knew very few answers. Haripriya.

25 August, 2009  

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