Mangoes Gala - Woman goes gaga!

Want to see mangoes, smell mangoes, taste mangoes, feel mangoes, and hear (the slurp of) mangoes all day? Answer Mango quiz, write mango slogans, buy mangoes, pickles, and plenty of other products by the crateful? Look out for next year's Delhi Mango Festival. We were lucky to have made it in time for the Delhi Tourism's 3-day show July 3-5, at Pitampura Dilli Haat), which more than made up for our sorely missed mango season in south India. ("what a harvest this year! you just missed it" was the refrain rammed into the ear all June when we holidayed in mango-rich Kerala)
Rows and rows of the aam-yet-khaas (common, yet special) fruit in umpteen shades of green, yellow, orange & red - Chausa, Safeda / banganapalli, Neelam, Totapuri, Rumani, Sukul, Cipia, Rari, Fazli, Lalo, Malda (Bihar's best), Aish, Mithua, Ichakdhari, kachakdhari, Dinga, Haldi, Sensation, Sharda, Ramkela, Pusa Surya, Amrapalli, 'Tommy Atkins', Kesar, Maya, Ambika,Vishwanath, Shubha Pasand, Dhobari, Lal sindoor, Motichur, Taimur Lang, Nawab pasand, Lakhan bhog, Arunima, Kalani, Dogala, Jardalo, Hathi dhol, Haldi chandan, kaale aam, Menaka, Prabhashankar, Suvarnarekha, Olur, Ram bhog, Krishna bhog, karela, sinchita, mahabali ....... Sonpari, Neeleshwar, Neelgoa, Neeluddin, (cross varieties) If only each of the 1000+ varieties reached the market!
This 2 kg specimen is named Mahabali, and comes from prize-winning Mustafa Orchards, Uttar Pradesh.

You could have your pick of pickled mangoes
The mango-eating competition. You are offered 3 kgs of choice fruit, and 3 minutes. I'd prefer to enjoy them away from the glare, perhaps curled up with 'The House of Blue Mangoes'!

ये आम फल थोडी है? ये ख़ास है! (pun intended)

Need I say more? This week we have all-mango menu chez nous.

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