Seeing is believing - hot springs of Manali

Hot water springs of Manali - - When I first heard about them, I thought - no, I can't believe it till I see it. In several spots in and around Manali in Himachal Pradesh, there are hot water springs notably at and near the temple for Sage Vasisht, and at Manikaran that is located about 70 km from Manali.
These are actually sulphur springs that are the result of Himalayan plate tectonic activity. The sprouts near the temple for Sage Vasisht - nice hot water to wash clothes by hand - nil power consumption of the eco-unfriendly kind, and exellent exercise for the arms!
(There are separated bathing areas within the temple premises, where cameras are forbidden)In Manikaran, the sprouts that supply public baths

Views from inside the Shiva temple in Manikaran, and the public bath near the Manikaran Gurdwara
After seeing them though - I am bemused. In my school history and geography lessons, I have been taught about the 'hot springs of New Zealand' and 'lumbering in Canada' but none of our social studies books ever seem to have written about similar spots in my own country. Perhaps the education received by the author of the social sciences textbook was also rich with other world details, and the delights of one's own country was best discovered by oneself...
And I will agree that our local administration can do a lot more for the maintenance of those spots that have probably the richest socio-scientific-cultural heritage associated with them.

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