Providence issues visiting cards!

Today I'm convinced Providence hands out visiting cards, drives a car, and if required, even takes detours on way to work. Read on...

The errand - to drop middle-aged visiting relatives at the Hazrat Nizamuddin Station in time for a south-bound 11 am express.
The plan - Leave home (25 km from station) at 9 am, allowing for 50 minutes commute time, possible traffic delays and time to settle in reserved berths.

Leave we did at 9, and drove out the gate ... right into traffic Snarl No 1. It turned out that a tipper truck had overturned two km ahead, and the line was that long. A good 20 minutes later, we got past the culprit, and went breezing along, with occasional hiccups at Snarl Nos 2, 3 and 4.

At 10:30, we were short of the target by about 5 km, and held up in SNARL No 5, which was actually a stagnant sea of multi-wheelers. With the clock ticking away uncontrolled, I politely honked to catch the attention of the neighbouring driver.

That's when Providence wound down the window, lent a polite ear, quickly understood the situation and said - "Take the turn to the left as soon as you start moving, then a right, and you'll reach the station just in time". We - my guests and I conveyed our thanks, and continued with prayers - all that we could do sitting there!

Then Providence extended a visiting card and said - "Now let me do some good turn today. You keep right behind me and I'll take that route. In case you miss my vehicle, pl call at that number and I'll guide you". Miracle no 2 took over, the wheels started rolling, and our car stayed right behind Providence's - through a couple of long roads and several traffic lights (Miracles 3,4,5,6). At another junction, Providence had to part ways - after all other good deeds for the day were awaiting their turn at the office.

We were able to follow Providence's parting directions to the 't' - another 2 minutes' drive, stop in front of the entry to station to let passengers get off and run - "you won't be able to park first and then accompany them to the platform".

It was 10:56 when the first-time visitors to Delhi set off on the last stretch from the station's entrance to the door of the nearest coach at Platform No 5, a busy route that included other hurrying travellers, a couple of flights of stairs, and the ubiquitous security frisk and luggage inspection.

After parking, I waited a good 15 minutes for a 'safe and sound' call with thoughts of a possible near-future trip to the same station with the same travellers - after all they'd not seen enough of the city (only its traffic).
"We boarded the train with seconds to spare. Please convey our heartfelt thanks to our guide. We are making our way to our coach", said the Kerala-bound uncle. The message was duly conveyed forthwith.

Our guests' first visit to Delhi (and my first ever trip to HN) is going to remain memorable for several reasons...
And that's why I say: Providence gives out visiting cards - and does not mind the occasional detour!

PS 1 - You may think - Why didn't I hire a call-taxi? But then my guests and I must have entered Providence's 'to-do' list when the train tickets were booked, you see?
PS 2 - Hope I find the 'resources' to do someone else a good turn at some other point of time, just as Mr K did!
PS 3 - For the records - I'm happy to mark Entry No 100 with Providence in attendance!

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