Aum Gurubhyo Namaha!

It's Teacher's Day today. (Read about Dr S Radhakrishnan, India's second President whose birth anniversary is celebrated as Teacher's Day every year in India)
When we were seniors in school, we always looked forward to this day, when senior students conducted classes for the rest of the school, while the teachers enjoyed the (much-needed) respite.
The Olympics just went by, and I remember one of my teachers - Mr MTW - the PT master of our fledgeling school in Chennai in the '80s. He is Discipline personified, and expected, encouraged and trained excellence in his students. He easily identified talent, and set up a morning regimen for atheletes, and his perseverance consistently paid off - the school performed well at several sports meets. He was also the teacher incharge of the Road Safety Patrol. Looking back after 20+ years, I wonder at the dedication of most teachers of that age, and earlier. (At that time of course, any kind of efforts at discipline seemed 'imposing', as well as tyrannical!) My batch, and a few junior classes, benefited from his presence during the four formative years of higher secondary studies.
It is somewhat disheartening to see the school's grounds now - what is left of them after multi-storeyed classrooms took over. The completely self-contained atheletics stadium is no more.
Mr W continues to serve in his profession elsewhere in Tamil Nadu now.
Salutations to you and all your brethren, Mr W!

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