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Monday, October 08, 2007

Nabha Sprusham Deeptam - Salutations to the women & men in blue

Touch(ing) the Sky with Glory - a phrase from the Bhagvad Gita (Ch 11, Verse 24) is the motto of the IAF, which celebrates 75 glorious years today - October 8, 2007. As the men and women in blue mark this day with parades and parties, their families continue to support them with happy homes, and contribute to 'blue skies' through community welfare activities.

I am proud of my batchmates who continue to serve in the Air Force, since their commissioning among the first batch of 25 women engineers in the IAF on 06 April 1993. They have served a good career span of 15 jubilee years - diamond to platinum - true value addition!

These professionals continue to be pioneers and set examples of the right kind for other aspirants to emulate. A good number of women have been commissioned later in other branches of the IAF [Education, Administration, Logistics, Accounts, Meteorological, Flying].

What will the morrow bring? Here's wishing you - Wing Commanders AG, BS, PKA and VG -the best, and all that you wish for, as you prepare yourselves for another career, and further satisfying balance at home. The best is yet to come!

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Blogger priya bhadra said...

My salutations to Wing commander Bhagyashree shirolkar,Wing Commander Prabhjyot Ahluwalia,Wing Commander Varsha Gokhale and Wing Commander Anupama Gulati.Three Cheers to their better halfs who manged to look after the kids when all the four Wng commanders were busy studying for their MBA'a at the IIM's.

Sqn leader Priya Bhadra(Retd)

10 October, 2007  
Blogger Indrani said...

I am proud of you PK, Varsha, Anu and Bhagy to have pulled on successfully so long. All the best for a bright future.

Priya, what about their children who let their mamma go to enhance their degrees. Another set of brave soldiers!

Flt. Lt. Indrani Ghose(retd.)

11 October, 2007  
Blogger Anu Rao said...

Hats off to the officers and their families!

Well done ladies. You are indeed a role model for so many women who want to be in the forces.

I want to thank this post thru which I found a long lost friend. Thanks Swarna.


02 May, 2012  

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